Two-way radios

Strong anti-noise capability; waterproof and dustproof; Good for Patrol Police, security guard, etiquette and other security person.

Light and compact, clear sound, suitable for troops、security service and other security areas.

Simple and practical; Camouflage Color Shoulder Microphone,VOX function, 3.5mm earphone jack. Apply to mobile radio, hospitals and airports.

Customized specifically for a variety of brands walkie-talkie with several Fr. Ranges and interfaces.

From network restrictions, simple operation, easy communication for collective collaboration and emergency dispatch.

Data cable; adapter; charger; Bluetooth headset, walkie-talkie leather case, headset accessories.


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   Welcome to Amocom Incorporated Limited!

   Amocom has over 10 years of experience working on offering two way radio accessories to brand radios, we know exactly what is important to you and good quality is always what we focus on. 



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